Top 10 Ways to Promote New Website in 2020

SEO is one of the best and cost-effective way to promote new website in 2020.

According to a recent report, more than 81% of consumers, before buying any product, want to check the company’s website. Some people visit a site directly, maybe through a link they find on social media, in a blog, and more. But more than 60% of people begin by entering particular keywords into the search engines. 

But what if when the potential customers will not see your website while doing an online search? Well, it’s simple. You will not get enough site traffic. If you have a website, that’s good. But if it is not getting the traffic, then your website won’t be able to help you in getting success. So, here we will discuss the ways to promote your website to obtain more traffic. 

Here are a few effective ways to promote new website

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an effective process where different techniques are used to boost the website’s visibility in the major search engines. It is the process through which you can highly optimize your website pages with the keywords that people generally used to search for. Just think, when you typically search for a product or service, you may not go prefer to go beyond the first two pages. The same thing happens to your customers. 

Some effective ways to boost up your organic search results are eliminating barriers to indexing activities, editing existing content, increasing backlinking, and more. Even though SEO takes time, it is a significant step toward enjoying more site traffic. 

2. Email marketing

There are two major ways through which you can utilize email to get better traffic. One is, you need to make sure that the mails you are sending have a site link along with your signature. This way, you can use non-promotional emails to guide the readers to your site. Besides, readers or viewers can copay and share the links with others. 

Another way is to carry out different email marketing campaigns. Here you can call the visitors to sign up for the emails, and you can then send them marketing emails along with a landing page. No matter what option you choose, make sure that you are offering them valuable content to make them stay engaged. 

3. Use social media to promote your site

There is no doubt that social media has dramatically changed the way in online marketing. Interacting with people or customers through social media is an effective way to promote your website. It helps you in creating a connection and enjoying an instant result of the conversation. If you are running a highly visual business, then go for Instagram or Pinterest. However, for a B2B business, you need to go for LinkedIn or Facebook. 

4. Go for signature branding

Most people recognize your company through your brand image. So, work to make your brand compelling and recognizing. This way, you can obtain people’s attention quickly. Develop an easy to read signature for your text messages, email accounts, and forums. If you are planning to add the URL to mobile-based advertisement options, then make your website mobile-friendly. 

5. Don’t forget to sign up with different business directories

Before starting up, remember that adding your website to the business directories can bring negative SEO results if the directories are not accessible. However, this can sometimes be very useful. For example, if you use Google My Business and Yell as the business directories, then your website can appear in SERP. It may be noted that Yell receives more than 18 million visitors per month only from the UK. But, choose a business directory based on your business type.

6. Reciprocal linking can work great

Want to show the search engines that your website can be trusted? Well, for this, you can try the method of reciprocal linking. Here you need to link other sites to your website. Here you can go for different options, for example, forum posting, guest blogging, news articles, and more. But remember that always ensure that your website is linked to sites having better authority and ranking. However, if you add more links, the search engine can ban your site. So, be careful about this. 

7. PPC- Pay Per Click

PPC is a useful method to bring more numbers of traffic to your new websites from all the search engines. How it really works? Here, you need to pay a certain price based on the clicks on your ad. Here, the ultimate objective is to convert visitors to customers to enjoy better ROI. You can use Google AdWords for this. You can fix the amount of spending as per your budget. All you need to choose the best keyword phrase and run a PPC campaign. 

8. Use YouTube

As per statistical data, every month, around 1 billion people across the world use this platform. Well, combined with videos, you can use YouTube as the best website promotional tool. However, don’t forget to add a call to action feature in the videos you are posting. So, people can visit the site easily. 

9. Always go for high-quality content 

No matter what options you choose, without quality content, you won’t be able to enjoy maximum benefits. Just think, are you offering your visitors the information that they want? Crafting high-quality content is crucial for the website as well as for site ranking. When you are crafting a blog, you can use Google Authorship to gain better visibility. After posting a blog, let people know about it by sending them an invitation regarding it through social media. 

10. Retargeting

Retargeting is an advanced cookie-based digital marketing technology that adds a unique code on the website. When a visitor comes to the site, the codes incorporate a cookie to the customer’s browser. This way, you can display your company’s adds on the user’s browsers or other websites. It will dramatically enhance your site’s visibility. 

These are some proven methods, or you can say tactics to promote the new websites that you can utilize. However, if you are looking for some options for this or don’t know how to utilize these methods, then get in touch with some professional online marketing firms. Remember that promoting a website to boost traffic as well as sales requires planning, time, and skills. So, take expert’s help and make your website appear on the top of SERP.