The Most Popular Website Design Topics to Watch Out in 2020

Let’s celebrate this moment, as the web is going to turn 31 this year. The web has dramatically changed the world and enabled people to craft some fantastic experiences they have never imagined before. However, like other things, the design of web changes with time. There are some specific elements and design that can make the website looks terrific instantly. 

So, most of web designers and developers are now spending more time doing research for the best and trending website design topics. With this, they can come up with some unique techniques to implement. If you are a web developer or designer, then here are some best web design topics that you should look out in 2020. Let’s explore them. 

Most popular and trending related to website design topics

1. Micro Animations

As the name suggests, it is a small animation. But don’t get in wrong. Micro animation comes with some significant values for the website. It helps in guiding the visitors during their interaction with the website. Besides, micro animations are the best way to incorporate an element of playfulness in the website. In 2020, it has been assumed that the web developer and designer will be used these organically. 

2. Minimalism

Another hot and tending web design topic in 2020 is “Minimalism.” In fact, it has significantly revolutionized the industry of web designing. There is a saying, “Less is More.” The web designers now prefer to go for minimal designing than the colorful and stunning design. A website with clean design, minimum elements, and primarily focusing on the content is highly welcoming. 

3. Imperfections that can add a unique personality

It may sound little wired, but sometimes it can bring you the result that you were looking for. Hand-drawn or imperfect web design elements effectively apply humanity and the perfect level of emotion to the website. In 2020, implementing some unique hand-drawn designs and give the site its own soul and heart. The users will find it more appealing than before. 

4. Immersive 3D

There is no doubt that 3D visuals have the ability to delight the viewers. But the things that are holding this trend are technology and costly price tag. But now things have changed a lot. The designers and developers now can easily employ immersive 3D without any advanced technology. Hyper-realistic 3D is a great way to craft an immersive experience for the site. The year 2020 is expected to witness a more immersive 3D design. 

5. Parallax scrolling

With time, such type of scrolling effect is becoming famous among web designers and developers. Under this design, an animation takes place in multiple layers, but with some variations in speed. For instance, to develop a pleasing visual experience, the image of the background moves a little slower than the foreground image. So, this will be a trending topic in the web design sector in 2020. 

6. Infinite scrolling 

This is a highly discussed topic that brings a lot of challenges for Search Engine Optimization. Twitter and Facebook feeds are the perfect examples of endless scrolling. Here, on the website, the content updates and loads automatically when the viewers reach the bottom section. For shopping sites, such scrolling features can be advantageous. But for a website, which comes under the informative category, this design may irritate the users. So, think twice while deploying infinite scrolling. 

7. Combination of graphics and photography

A professional web designer says real photographs combined with graphics or illustrations express a powerful customized message. Overlapping the graphics on photographs, you can come up with a design that can offer a memorable visual. With this, you can take your creativity to a new level. This trend is versatile. You can utilize it to express a pleasant event or can utilize it for a serious concept. However, for better flexibility, remember to match the style of the graphics with your brand. 

8. Cross-browser compatibility

Even though this is an old web design topic, it is still there in the background. Every website owner wants to make sure that the website functions smoothly with a different browser. That’s why no web developer can’t forget to keep in mind the factor of cross-browser compatibility. 

9. Typography or Font management

It is one of the most significant topics of web designing but has neglected by most of the web site designers. When it comes to making the content as well as website success, front management plays a crucial role in this. As per the web experts, both the legibility and readability depend on the type of font the website has. Fonts set the user’s mood and keep them on the site by inspiring them to keep reading. So, keep this thing in your mind. 

10. Isometric web design

For some time, call to action, icons, and graphics buttons have been quite simple, there was a flat image. Now, things are changing, and website owners are exploring various ways to bring some 3D effects to it. By incorporating the isometric web design, you can add a shadow effect on the illustration. Besides, you can make the navigation button appear a little raised. Well, such design is quite crucial for CTAs as it can help the readers to know the exact clicking point. 

11. CSS Animation

It has been observed that web designers and developers are now discussing the integration of animation with the help of CSS. That’s why it becomes a hot topic in web design. Now, most of the web pages depend on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The demand for CSS animations will increase in the future. 

12. Artificial Intelligence

AI has covered almost all the parts of the web sphere. Now, it is expanding its base at a faster rate with no turn back. The tasks of web designs are getting automated. It lets the designers and developers invest more time on creativity. 


Web design topics and trends in 2020 are now embracing the futurism at a higher pace. And there are more to come in the future as the tastes, expectations, and preferences of the web user could shift at any time. But for now, these topics will dominate the web design industry in 2020.