Tips to Monetize a Website

Do you own a website and looking to monetize it? If so, then this blog will solve your purpose.

Whether you are using a website for your business or personal purpose, it could be incredibly beneficial to know how you can generate extra income from it in addition to promoting your products/services!

Before rushing into the main course, you must understand the factor to monetize a site.

As a matter of fact, you cannot expect to earn hefty amount instantly, it takes time and dedication. If you want to get what you want, you must focus on the prime aspect that’s heavy traffic. Without substantial visitors, you cannot earn profit from your site.

Your website traffic is like a snowball. Once you start getting it, it tends to get bigger. Now let’s look at some proven ways to monetize.

10 Easy Ways on How to Monetize Your Site & Earn Significant Profit

Now, you have got all the factors; let’s discuss the ways on how to monetize a website.

1. Prioritize Pay-Per-Click Advertisement

If you are in this digital marketing world, you might know about PPC. It is an online advertising model that allows corporates to earn money each time a reader clicks on an advertisement. And for this, you can use the tool Google AdSense!

Google AdSense is one of the best and effective ways to make extra income. Most importantly, you don’t need to toil hard to place ads on your website. Just become an Adsense partner and they will themselves choose and place ads.

No matter how many sites you have, you may still apply to be an AdSense partner.

Now the question arises, how much will you earn?

  • You may get over 65% of the revenue on AdSense for content.
  • You may get nearly 50% on AdSense for search ads

The best part is that Google will pay you between the 21st and the 26th of every month.

How can you monetize and earn from your website with Google AdSense?

  • Go through all the terms and conditions and make sure your site must meet all the respective guidelines.
  • Go ahead to sign up for AdSense and wait for the approval.
  • Once your account gets approved, you just need to embed the JavaScript code into a widget.
  • You are good to go- start placing ads wherever you like on your website.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are good at promoting products, then you must try affiliate marketing to monetize your site. All you need to do is smartly place affiliate links in your website.

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular and easiest methods to earn passive income. Here, you get money when your readers click on an affiliate link and buy that product/service.

With affiliate links, you can earn a huge commission when readers buy the products and services of the companies you affiliate with.

How can you easily monetize a site with affiliate marketing?

  • You must create a stunning site (that is even popular among readers). Next, you can focus on promoting products or even place reviews related.
  • Don’t forget to join affiliate programs
  • Place affiliate links in your content smartly.

3. Ecommerce

If you don’t have the physical area to sell or promote your offerings, you can just sell them online!

All you need is the right skill and products. Let’s look at the tips to monetize your site via eCommerce:

  • Choose the right niche.
  • Select the right domain name.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Configure WooCommerce or a similar eCommerce platform.
  • Customize your store by adding themes and designs to it.
  • You can start with the WooCommerce theme library and WordPress WooCommerce theme library.
  • Start adding the list of your products by navigating to Products>Add New on the sidebar
  • Just kick-start marketing and get your first sale!

There’s no denying that it does require time. But, with substantial determination, you can achieve what you want.

4. Donation Based Monetization

If you are unaware of this, you might be losing significant chances of earning through the site. Well, some readers are happily giving monetary compensation to the bloggers or influencer they like. 

If your content has value and you want to grow your website, you can simply ask for donations. Consequently, they won’t only donate but if you have substantial traffic, you might earn enough funds to operate your website.

For hassle-free operation, try to set up donation buttons on your site so that visitors can directly contribute.

5. Consider Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is nothing but collaboration between you and brands that you are partnering with. In this, big brands will pay you to create appealing content for them and publish it on your website.

The content could be in any form ranging from reviews or infographics to sales announcements and offers. Either you can write for them or the supporting brand will do it for you.

If you’ll be writing the post as well as publishing it on your website, it’s wise to charge a good amount.

Here’s who you can do it;

  • Start small: Popular content marketer and strategists suggest that you must start with smaller national brands and companies.
  • Try to build up a strong portfolio.
  • Try to build a healthy relationship with marketing and PR agencies.
  • Start looking for sponsorship markets.

6. Website Flipping

Another important way to earn a profit is by trying website flipping. Flipping a website means searching an online property that needs to improve its content, design, marketability while proving its capability in traffic and selling it to the interested individual.

Likewise, publishers build a site from scratch and flip it once they got a substantial customer base. They can use the money to start a new venture.

The following factors can contribute to the selling price of a website.

  • The traffic a website generates
  • The amount of profit
  • Revenue consistency
  • Growth prospects

7. Membership Websites

Always remember that a membership website is like a decent upgrade to the donation method. In this method, you will be charging readers to go through specific content.

If you are good at creating content and believe that it is going to work by leaps and bounds, you can try monetizing your website in this way.

How to monetize a website via memberships:

  • You must look for the right model for your site.
  • Subscription: users will pay you either monthly or annually to access the content of your website.
  • Transaction: selling pieces of content separately such as audio, videos, audio downloads, or any specific program.
  • Metered: Content is free until readers reach a saturated point. But if they want to continue accessing, they may need to pay a certain amount.
  • Configure the Paywall: If you have a WordPress site doing great, all you need to do is just add a member site plugin. 

8. Try Coupons with Affiliate Links

For those who don’t know, more than 95% of consumers look for coupons when they shop. This is another prominent form of affiliate marketing that you can do by offering coupons from affiliate partners. Putting up coupons on your website would certainly attract more traffic.

So what should you do?

Try to post coupons from affiliate programs you’ve joined. Connect with your local retailers for deals that you can use and promote on your website. You must focus on creating websites that are specifically dedicated to offering discounts.

9. Video Ads

Video advertising is one of the effective means of advertising that may greatly help to keep your visitors engaged on your site.

Just like anyone can place recommendations and sponsored articles on your website, you can also place recommended videos.

Publishers sell video ads by cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) or cost-per-completed view (CPCV). These ads help publishers to target the right audiences with the right content that may suit the interests of the viewers and resonate with their behaviours.

The effectiveness of video ads can be understood from the fact that- Taboola video ads generate over 3 billion views per month in the US and can increase viewability by more than 65%.

10. Online Courses/Coaching

Gone are the days when classrooms required the physical area. If you have valuable knowledge to share, you can easily monetize a website by providing online courses.

There’s no arguing with the fact that digital courses come in different formats, it could be well-produced videos, recorded audios, or simple PDF downloads.

How to monetize a website via courses?

  • Choose a relevant topic/niche.
  • Create a new website, or try to incorporate a blog, eCommerce site, membership site, etc.).
  • Upload content and share it!

Setting up online courses could be incredibly beneficial as you have the potential to earn as much.

Study and implement these ten monetization tips to earn a significant profit. With these strategies at your fingertips, you can build robust partnerships, offer personalized recommendations, and drive the most value from a user who visits your website.